At Valcheck Veterinary, we are a full service ambulatory clinic, providing comprehensive care for our clients and their animals. The following is a list of our services and click on the underlined services for helpful information!


·         Routine Dental Floats

·         Dental Exams

·         Incisor reductions

·         Tooth Extractions

·         Digital Radiography



·         Complete lameness exams

·         Therapeutic Joint injections

·         Portable Digital Radiograph unit

·         Portable Digital Ultrasound unit


   Preventive Medicine

·         Spring and Fall Vaccines

·         Wellness Exams

·         Complete Parasite Program Consult

·         Fecal Egg Counts

·         Development of Deworming Protocols


   Emergency Medicine

·         24 hour emergency care from colics to lacerations and anything in between


   Internal Medicine

·         Metabolic Disease Management

·         Use of Idexx laboratory for all bloodwork concerns

·         Nutritional consulting



·         Complete mare care

·         Uterine Culture and Biopsy

·         Uterine Flushing

·         Mare and new foal exams

·         Breeding Soundness Exams for the mare

·         Reproductive Ultrasound

·         Twin Reduction


   Livestock Medicine

·         4H program supporter

·         Pregnancy exams for livestock

·         Herd health Consults

·         Individual wellness management


   Community Outreach

·         4H teaching labs

·         First Aid clinics at various boarding facilities